Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Just Point And Shoot

Just point and shoot... even under the water.

Taddaaa ...

" AQUA PIX 35mm Waterproof Camera "

Wowww !!!

This is the camera which u could use underwater up to 3m/10ft depth . It doesn't require battery to operate and uses normal 35mm film . U could also remove the waterproof casing and use it like normal camera or land . Or u could owez keep the casing on to protect the camera . Its lightweight and easy to use .

Few colours to choose from : white , yellow pink blue and green .

Smart wooo ...

Its recommended to use film at least with ISO 400 . If use underwater , use ISO 800 for better results .

Camera Type :

- 35mm Film
- Waterproof up to 3m/10ft
- Focus free , 1.0m-infinity
- Wide angle @ 28mm , f/9.0
- Shutter speed 1/100 sec

Contoh-contoh dan hasil gambar :D

Anticipating is one of the many wonderful feelings in the world . With the advance technology we have now , the moment of anticipating the developed photo had been long gone .

Reminisce the good old feeling that ur family or ur friends used to have with this self operate LOMO CAM !

Get urself a waterproof lomography camera and a roll of films and start diving !

Pick your favourite here :
Instant Camera Online
Selamat Ber'Aqua Pix' semuaaa !!!



  1. cantik. comel. nak sejibik boleh?hahahaha

  2. Ayat macam penembak tepat ni....
    Teringin nak ada menatang nii...

  3. menarik..dlm air blh bergambar kan

  4. wah bagus cam ni not bad!

  5. @Mrs Velentine : tapi??? eh, ada tapi juga? hehe :D

  6. @Lyeen De Syifa : eh, boleh sesangat. nak 2 jibik pun boleh :D

  7. @AyueJean AJ : wahhh, kasi amin saja. manatau sy boleh jd penembak tepat :D save money then... LOMO CAM!!! hehe

  8. @are_lin@yu : salam rabu. haaa, tu lah. smart kan :D


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